The Reindeer Hut has arranged a Direct Trade partnership with Thây Hôi’s Coffee of Vietnam. They are a family owned farm, where they grow and roast their own coffee beans. We are proud to offer this naturally shade grown, medium roast, Robusta. Their coffee is roasted in the traditional manner. Thây Hôi’s Coffee is sold exclusively by The Reindeer Hut as the sole distributor in the United States.

How did this partnership come to be? Most people, ourselves included, were unaware that Vietnam is a global heavyweight in the production of coffee. In 2018, Vietnam produced 1,650,000 metric tons of coffee beans, second only to Brazil.  During our travels in Vietnam we ventured to the town of Bao Loc. About five hours to the north east of Ho Chi Minh City. Bao Loc is located in the central highlands region, in what happens to be the coffee growing region. We ended up at the local Thây Hôi’s coffee shop simply by happenstance. After indulging in their outstanding local offerings and inviting customer service, we returned the following day to refresh ourselves yet again. It was during this visit that we struck up a conversation with the owner and a fast friendship was formed.

The next few days were spent enjoying the coffee and the   company of this gracious family. They arranged travel for us to  enjoy the local sites and shared some amazing local fruits that we never tried before.  Aside from the great food and amazing coffee we learned a bit about their family run operation. They hand picked the coffee cherries when they are red and ripe, once a year. They told us how they sun dry the cherries for 2-3 weeks before roasting them in small batches.

While they have a considerable market share in their region, they expressed a desire to get their coffee into other markets, particularly, the United States of America. We knew when we left, that theirs was a product that we wanted to incorporate into our menu. Their hospitality, kind hearts and genuine hard work was evident and we felt that the people of our community would appreciate the product that they so lovingly produce. When we returned from our trip, we immediately began exploring the possibility of becoming a coffee importer. In our spare time.

We are so proud to bring Thây Hôi’s coffee to you in Alaska. We use this coffee in all of our brewed coffee drinks. You can be certain that the coffee you are drinking is ethically sourced to the highest of standards. This product does not support large coffee plantations, but instead small local farmers in Vietnam. We hope that means as much to you as it does to us. We offer this coffee in hot pour over, cold brew or you can buy it by the pound for you to enjoy at home.

See you at The Hut!

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